One Way Cargo Van Rentals

A one way rental ensures that you do not have to return the vehicle to the original deopt.

One Way Cargo Van Rentals

A cargo van is a versatile transport option that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Although they are generally used for short journeys, sometimes it is necessary to take a longer journey. In the case a one way cargo van rental might be the best option, as you do not need to return the vehicle to the original rental location. The following information will help you find out if this type of rental is right for your situation.

Why should I rent a cargo van?

Whether you need long-term, short-term or one-way cargo van rentals, there are numerous benefits to renting a cargo van. First, consider the many uses for the vehicle itself. There are many situations when it can be beneficial, or even necessary, to be able to carry large quantities of cargo. Moving to a new house is one of the most common uses, due to the van’s ability to carry furniture and a far greater number of boxes than could fit in the trunk of a car. Cargo vans are often used by musical acts or theater troupes who need to carry their equipment from one venue to another, by businesses that are changing locations, by parents driving their children and their belongings to university or by school groups who need to bring special supplies along for their field trips.

Chances are that if you need the services of a cargo van, you only need them temporarily. Most people do not use a cargo van for daily transportation. Additionally, they can be much more expensive than a regular car or truck, do not get great mileage, and may require special insurance to drive, depending on where you live, the size of the van and what you will be using it for. For these reasons, it is usually more practical to rent a cargo van rather than to buy one, unless you will be needing it for frequent and regular use.

Vans can be rented from most major vehicle rental companies, and may be available from specialty companies that deal in equipment rental or business vehicles. Companies usually offer a variety of pick-up and drop-off choices, options for mileage costs and refueling charges and options for different sizes of vans. While most major companies offer options such as one way cargo van rentals, smaller companies may not have the same number of choices and it is a good idea to ask them exactly what they offer when you call around for quotes.

What are the benefits of a one way rental?

One-way cargo van rentals are designed for people who will not be able to return the van to the location where they rented it from. While there are a number of reasons that people choose a one-way rental, it is particularly popular with those who are using the van to transport their belongings to a new home at a distant location. Signing up for a one-way rental is easy, so long as the company you rent from has a rental depot at your end location. Most rental agencies will not charge extra to drop off at a different location, although there are sometimes added fees or insurance considerations when crossing state or national borders. Some companies work in conjunction with each other regarding one way rentals, so even if your desired rental company does not have a branch at your end destination, it is worth asking if there is anywhere else you can drop off the vehicle.

As with all cargo van rentals, there are some things to consider before signing up for a one-way rental. Prices can differ from agency to agency, and not all companies offer one-way service. Calling local companies in your area or doing a quick search online should turn up several options. Before paying for one way cargo van rentals, it is also a good idea to check your auto insurance plan to make sure that you are covered for rentals and for the van itself, as some cargo vehicles may require additional insurance.